All That Scratch is back for a special lockdown episode bringing you exclusive new songs from some of the new musicals we’ve featured on the podcast. Plus we’re hosting a virtual listening party at 7pm on Monday 1st June with The Other Palace on Twitter and Instagram.

Season 2, Episode 2 will feature: ‘St. Anne Comes Home’ by Jack Miles, performed by Jordan Castle; ‘The Colosseum’ by Sophie Boyce and Fred Feeney performed by Oli Higginson; ‘The Phase Musical’ by Zoe Morris and Meg McGrady featuring Robin Simões da Silva and Meg McGrady; ‘Unfortunate’ from Unfortunate: The Untold Story of Ursula the Sea Witch by Robyn Grant, Daniel Foxx and Tim Gilvin featuring cast from Fat Rascal Theatre; ‘Tokyo Rose’ by Maryhee Yoon, Cara Baldwin and William Patrick Harrison featuring cast form Burnt Lemon Theatre; ‘You & I: A New Musical’ by Cordelia O’Driscoll and Tom Williams featuring Cordelia herself; ‘Weapons of the Weak’ by Nancy Salt, Serafina Hill and Alastair Norton featuring Nancy Salt, Alastair Norton, Emma Kinney, Luke Thornton, Jodan Moxon and Joe Swift; ‘Brother’ written and featuring Robin Simões da Silva.

As always you’ll get to hear the dulcet tones of Kiki Stevenson, Charlie Norburn and Alex Jackson presenting and interviewing the writing teams. So pull up a comfy chair, plug in your speakers and enjoy All That Scratch in lockdown with a tasty drink of choice!

How to join the listening party:

1. Hit play on Season 2, Episode 2 at 7pm sharp (

2. Join us on Twitter and Instagram to see our reactions, and share yours using the hashtag #AllThatScratchParty