The line-up for the second episode of All That Scratch, a collaboration between The Other Palace and All That Productions, has been announced with brand new musical theatre songs from emerging talent. The pieces will be performed live at the recording of the second episode of the podcast. Tickets to the live event are just £5 from The Other Palace’s website.

There will be a mixture of individual numbers representing the seed of an idea for a new musical, and songs from more developed pieces. The full line up was curated from open submissions over the past few months.

The featured pieces include the songs ‘The Sex Talk’ and ‘Mist’ from Just A Phase? with lyrics by Zoe Morris and music by Meg McGrady; ‘The Girl Who Has It All’ from The Complete Guide to Being A Girl with music and lyrics by Anna Shields and book by Emily Garsin; ‘A Woman in Love’ from Cleopatra with music by Lyndon Samuel and book and lyrics by Robert Gould; ‘Who Needs Another Fairytale’ from Steep Themselves in Night by Jude Taylor; and ‘America’ from 8 with music and lyrics by Charli Eglinton. It’s a hugely exciting selection of brand new songs, including themes of sisterhood, self-love and female empowerment; LGBTQ+ coming-of-age and relationships in a catholic school; and a 1920s steampunk mafia epic. A small snapshot of the vibrant new musical theatre writing in the UK.

Alex and Charlie of the All That Productions team said “following a sell-out event for our pilot episode, we’ve really enjoyed listening to all the submissions for the new episode. Audiences are in for a real treat from our fantastic new writing teams.”

Kiki Stevenson, Artistic Programme Co-ordinator at The Other Palace explains why audiences should be excited about the event and podcast release: “Being able to showcase new musical theatre in this way and release it via podcast for fans up and down the country proved a big success with episode one. We can’t wait to share the new episode with audiences and industry to showcase the best in new musical theatre.”
You can buy tickets to All That Scratch here.