Musical Theatre Pub Quiz

18 May 2020 

Welcome to the Musical Theatre Pub Quiz brought to you by The Other Palace and All That Productions.

This page contains everything you'll need to play the quiz. The interactive rounds are available further down this page from 7:30pm on 18 May 2020.

For FAQs scroll down. 

Costume Picture Round

We're looking for the name of the musical that this production shot is taken from.











Nonsense Musicals

Here's ten lines of total gibberish. Hidden in them are references to musical theatre - they could be composers, songs, performers, or famous lyrics.

Hint: Read them aloud, and listen closely!

1. yawn gif rankings time

2. eager titch ills farm alter playing

3. elk humble bee hand venue hell comb

4. raw Jason ha mast iron

5. hand gel all ince berry

6. this got spray buoys

7. holler tell four Lorraine

8. seen ginn inter ain

9. see her bar Alice

10. lean man wall me and her



How many team members need to register? 

The more the merrier – you’ll all get sent a reminder about the quiz if you sign up. All materials and links will be available via this page. When you submit your answers, you’ll need one person to pop in their email address with your team’s answer sheet.

When can I start the interactive rounds? 

You can start these rounds at 7:30pm. We’ll let you know when you need to submit your answers.

Where do I submit my answers for each round?

The link to the answer form will be live at 7:30pm on the night further up this page.

Can anyone in the team watch the live stream of the quiz, or only people who sign up?

You can see the live stream without signing up, but you will only get notified of winners/winnings if you have signed up.

Where do I enter my team name?

Pop your team name at the top of your answer sheets along with your email. When you submit them, they’ll be grouped together by name, so make sure you use the same team name every time. (This has changed a little since the last time we did the quiz)